Cooking is best while chatting with friends, sautéing bright glamorous vegetables in shiny pots, and making a lovely bit of mess. The reason I don’t cook and bake more?

My recipe box.

Or perhaps I should call it a stash, a mound, a dragon’s hoard. The mountain consists of years’ worth of recipes scribbled on any piece of paper handy at the moment: receipt backings, binder paper, or classic yellow post-it notes. They are all colors, shapes, sizes, and pen colors. Some are even squirreled away in other recipe books. It’s a constant trial of a treasure hunt, and I never know where a recipe will pop up next. Thus the following formula:

Recipes + Organization + Internet = Love

On a side note, the recipes here all have at least 3 stars, decided by a vote during taste tesing. If the recipe isn’t worth eating, it’s definitely not worth putting online. So I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

measurement conversions

Want to know how many tsp are in 6 tbsp? The Magic Google Calculator knows all.

recipe sites

the Reluctant Gourmet
easy to read, great insights
the Naked Chef
aka Jamie Oliver – fun & fresh
Handy comments & ratings
Cookie-making tips
No more flat cookies for me!